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DNA Fingerprinting Electrophoresis Lab System

DNA Fingerprinting Electrophoresis Lab System
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DNA - Everything You Need to Explore Basic Elements of Forensic Science
NZ $525.00
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DNA fingerprinting can be used to identify the perpetrator of a crime, determine familial relationships, track hereditary diseases passed down in families, find a close match for an organ transplant, and more.

With our electrophoresis system, students can perform the same type of gel separation used in these analyses in approximately two hours; students are given DNA samples from a “crime scene” to electrophoresis and discover who perpetrated the crime by analysing their unique genetic patterns, or fingerprints.

The kit comes with enough materials to perform up to eight separations: gel chamber, casting tray, six-well comb, prepared agarose, crime scene and suspect DNA samples, DNA marker sample, micropipets, microcentrifuge tubes, and an instructional DVD on electrophoresis, as well as a teacher’s guide and student copy master
Refill for this Kit is Code 366054 - includes agarose, running buffer, DNA stain, and  DNA

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